Monday, August 22, 2016

Chasing the Wagon

What the hell kind of a title is "Chasing the Wagon?"

I'd blame it on sleep deprivation, but my sweet angel had a wonderful night and I actually got a lot of sleep. Chasing the wagon is really the only way I can describe my current state; I'd like to say that I'm back on the healthy wagon, but I'm still a ways off. Aurora is three weeks old today, which means that I've now been a nursing mom rather than a pregnant lady for three weeks. I'll try to write up a post about my actual pregnancy sometime soon, but in short, I had a decently healthy pregnancy (for a pregnant lady), and stayed quite active. As a result of this, and probably stress due to this craziness, I dropped a lot of the baby weight... fast; 23/30 pounds in a week, to be precise. After losing this much weight so quickly, I figured that it would just keep falling off. Wrong. My weekly weight check in this morning has demonstrated that I'm at the point that I can gain a bit of the weight back now, which made me realize that it's time to at least attempt to get back on the healthy wagon. 

It may seem very halfhearted that all I'm going to call this is an attempt, but I'm trying to be realistic. I have a three week old baby, who likes to spend ample amounts of time attached to my boob. I've had days that I've been up at 7 and haven't eaten until noon because I just haven't had time. My chocolate cravings from my pregnancy did not magically vanish, and I'm not about to pretend that I'm going to stop treating myself; but I will make an effort to limit the number of treats I eat in a day (I had banana cream pie for breakfast yesterday, I can make better choices than that). 

I downloaded MFP again today, and am going to make an honest effort to at least use it for a few weeks. I'm sure that there will be people who disagree with calorie counting at this stage of the game, but I need to make sure that I'm eating enough more than anything. I have no intentions of limiting my calorie intake to something ridiculous; it's set at 2200 calories a day right now, and I intend to eat each one of them.

I'm hoping to keep up with my blog again for a while, and document my progress as I fumble through life as a new mom trying to get my abs back. At the very least I can report that I had oatmeal for breakfast today instead of pie, and if that's my only win for the day, so be it. 

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