Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quick Update Post!

Hello? Anyone there? I've been slacking again - life got busy, work got busy, and there was beer to drink and football games to watch. Here's what's been up lately...

1. It was Oktoberfest time in KW, which meant lots of friends, beer, and guys dressed like this...

2. It was FINALLY time to celebrate Lee's 25th birthday, which meant an MSU game and the COLTS vs BRONCOS game! Yep, you can be jealous. It was the best day ever. I had to flex some pride for Luck!

3. Yeah - this happened. It snowed. In October. Just like when I was a kid. This hasn't helped my "being on track" thing. It's VERY cold at 5am when I head to the gym, which makes it very easy not to go and to stay in our nice warm bed! Granted, the snow didn't stay, but it's still cold.

4. I've been doing my own thing at the gym lately, it's nice, but I miss having a routine. I snapped this on Saturday morning when I trucked to the gym in the rain and worked out against my will. At least I went, right?

5. I started running again!! Something provoked me and I decided that I had had enough of the no-cardio business. I'm a runner at heart, and if I want to run this winter, I better start getting my lungs used to the cold now! I was surprised at how easily it cam back to me after doing nothing for a month.

6. It's soup season!! Hopefully once life slows down a bit (does that ever happen?), I'll have a time to post a bunch of new soup recipes, which I could live off of at this time of year.

That pretty much sums up what's been happening lately! What's more important is what's coming up. I have a bit of a plan in mind that I might as well share now, since who knows when I'll get around to writing again. 

1. I'm going to try Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Detox starting on Sunday. I normally don't really believe in detoxes, but this one is different. It's more or less just 5 days of super super clean eating. Since my diet has been all over the place lately, I hope it's a good kick start that will get me back on track!

2. I'm going to do a squat challenge for November! For the first 2 weeks it's 50 (body weight) squats a day, and the last two weeks is 100 a day. It doesn't seem like much, but I'm hoping I'll see a bit of change! Better than growing a stache, right? This idea came from @lifegain on IG.

3. I'm starting BODY EARNED again!! I'm so excited about this. I've been lost without this program. My plan is to start on Nov. 11, since the detox doesn't recommend heavy exercise. I've been a bit sick lately too, so I want some time to recover and feel great before starting this up again. Since I've had such an easy time skipping workouts lately, I need structure (and James Wilson!) to make me go. 

I'll try to keep this updated better.. but I'm on Intagram @balancingclean too, which I update almost daily. 

How has your routine been now that it's getting colder?
Have you ever done a detox?


  1. Stick with the squats, please don't grow a mustache. :) (It's Sally. I love you!)