Monday, November 4, 2013

Let the Detoxing Begin!

Happy Monday! Bleh. Does anyone ever really mean that? One day I'd like to not dread Monday's and going back to work. At least I had a delightful and relaxing weekend... finally! 
Friday night I ended up on my own, since Lee went out for his friend's birthday. I was up at 3:30am on Friday morning thanks to our downstairs neighbour, and then had an awful day so I stayed in and did a lot of nothing. I ended up in bed super early and as a result woke up at 6am on Saturday! Crazy, but I took advantage of it and decided to start my day off with a great workout and some groceries. I even baked some muffins for my brother and parents, even though they're off the menu for me this week. The rest of the day was filled with a bit of homework, a lot of lounging, some visiting with family (including the little man!) and cooking! 
Even though I cook most days, I haven't spent the time to make a really nice dinner in a while. I declared Saturday to be date night, and I got busy in the kitchen to make all of this....
Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing
Roasted chicken and vegetables
Roasted potatoes
Clean (until I put the cool whip on) apple crisp. 

Lee told me it was the best salad he's ever had. That's more or less what I was going for with the bacon. 

Sunday I started Nikki Sharp's 5 day detox! After my brother only lasted 3 days, I went in with a lot of determination! Day 1 was a success. I was surprised that I was able to keep my cravings at bay, and that I was actually full with what was on the menu. I thought I would for sure be ravenous all day. The hummus was delicious, and the salad I made was so good! We'll see how the next 4 days go though...

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