Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Healthy Eye Opener!

I've had a few eye openers lately that have made me realize that eating healthy is not as easy for everyone as it is for me. I forget that I've been doing this for so long now that it's second nature to me to food prep on Sundays and stock my cart with vegetables at the grocery store. It's made me realize that showing what I'm doing may not be enough, and a more step-by-step approach to getting healthier may be more helpful!

Seeing as the new year is coming, I'm hoping that this will be a good time to do it! I'm going to post tips in a few different posts so as not to make anything too overwhelming. Here's what I'm thinking...

1. Pantry staples (start stocking up now)
2. Grocery lists
3. Food prep
4. Meal plans
5. Easy go-to snacks and meals

This isn't about a diet. It's not about eating to lose weight. This is about eating to be healthy, which often leads to being happy!

Is there anything else you'd like to see a post on?

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