Friday, November 8, 2013

Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Detox: Review

I finished Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Detox yesterday, wooo!! I'm proud of myself for making it the 5 days, mostly because my brother only made it 3. 
Before launching into how I feel about it, I thought I'd give a bit of background on myself for anyone that hasn't been following along this whole time. I went from a cardio-crazed triathlete training 2 hours a day, to a lover of the weight room and short bouts of cardio. My diet prior to the detox involved making sure I was getting as much protein as possible. That's definitely going to change. 
I went into this mainly because of my stomach. I'm lactose-intolerant and I haven't been as strict with avoiding milk ingredients as I should be. I meant to use this as a "reset" for my system. 

Due to the fact that the detox is an e-book that you can order online here, I can't give too many in depth details about the diet plan, but I can tell you my thoughts about it. 

I was wary going into this, since the protein was much less than what I was used to, and heavy exercise wasn't recommended. I decided to focus purely on nutrition, and not try to incorporate my normal gym routine. Here's how it went...

1. I was impressed with how full I was all the time! Reading over the detox plan I was concerned about the amount of food that you were supposed to be eating. Granted, I did add extra vegetables to lunch and dinner and I definitely ate more almonds than recommended but I still felt satisfied overall. The food was delicious too! I added it up yesterday, and I was still eating about 1700-1800 calories on the detox.

2. I had headaches on the second day and overall felt pretty awful. I think this was a really good sign though and I sucked it up. 

3. I found it relatively easy to combat my cravings, which didn't start until the third day, and were mostly provoked by wanting to stress eat for work. Even today, I don't feel ready to dive back into eating whatever I want. I want to take it slow. I was mostly looking forward to my coffee this morning, but now I'm almost ready for a green tea!

4. I lost 5 pounds! I went from 150.4 to 145.6. I didn't even do this to lose weight, but I'll take it. I'm curious to see about what's going to happen when I get back onto a more normal diet. I'll keep you posted about that. I'm really shocked with how much I lost considering I was still eating quite a bit. Nikki must know what she's talking about.

5. I love that it was just 5 days. It's a good kickstart to get back on track with clean eating. I'm looking forward to add some of my favourite clean foods back in, but this has definitely opened my eyes a bit. 

6. It helped with my digestion!! Happy dance! Milk is like a poison to my system, so being super strict and having none at all really helped. 
So would I recommend it? Yes. You need to be organized, and dedicated, but it's worth it. I spend so much time reading about what other people do and mimic it, that it's nice when I seem to find something that really works for me. I'm going to be making some changes to my normal diet thanks to this, so stay tuned! 


  1. Hi darling, that is such a lovely review. I'm so proud you have done it! xx

    1. Thanks so much for creating it! It's definitely going to change some of my eating habits!

  2. Hi there!

    Absolutely LOVE your blog. Your 'new mindset' has become my new mantra and I have now made it my phone home screen. Having struggled with eating for a number of years now and a constant worry (otherise known as obsession) about what foods and how much food I eat, your new mindset and entire blog is definitely helping me move to a more balanced approach and perspective. I am on day 4 of Nikki's 5 day detox and cannot recommend it high enough. I initially did it to kick start some new eating habits and curb the 'fear' of carbs that I've lived by for a while. I have always enjoyed a healthy balance of fruit and veg, however found that my routine and balance in each meal was lacking (especially because I do enjoy quite intense exercise for an hour, 6 days a week). I too am lactose intolerant and have found it especially hard to avoid lactose products over the last few years, so this has definitely helped. The food is delicious and I am now realising why the entire clean eating lifestyle is so highly recommended. I have lost 2.5 kgs, which was probably from the cut in lactose, artificial sweeteners, and sodium. I am so excited about coming off the detox and trying all the amazing recipies on your page and that I have come across over the last couple of weeks. Keep them coming :)

    Just a quick question to finish off my essay (sorry!)... How did you find coming off the detox?

    Thank you again for sharing such a refreshing new mindset on life and balance.


    1. I thought I replied to this!! I wonder what happened there. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm so happy that my post helped you :) I gained weight back when I came off the detox, but I changed my eating habits and have felt great!

  3. My husband thinks it's the most hilarious thing, Red Smoothie Detox