Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Balancing Summer

Summertime, although awesome, can be difficult for staying on track. It's like having Christmas every weekend - for me at least. There is always somewhere to be with amazing food and a beverage or two, which creates a dilemma. I know that I sometimes struggle with self-control around unhealthy food, so it's hard to put myself in those situations.
Sometimes I think that it would be best to skip the events all together and avoid the temptation, but that would emphasize a very unhealthy relationship with food, and I'd miss out on a ton of fun. 
I knew going into the summer months I wasn't going to see crazy progress, but I didn't want to lose what I had gained. My focus lately has been more on maintenance than anything else. Part of balancing a clean lifestyle is still enjoying life. I don't see balance in skipping out on summer fun to avoid temptation, or being miserable at an event because you refuse to enjoy yourself a little with everyone else. 
This past weekend (yes, I know it's Wednesday already) I definitely enjoyed myself, and come Tuesday morning, I was ready to be right back on track. I know that I can't have these weekends every week, but I'm learning not to feel guilty about a few extra calories. Granted, although I stray on weekends, I try to really focus during the week. Just because I cheated a bit on the weekend doesn't mean I need to let it carry through the week! I like to think that I balance a bad weekend with a really good week ;)
Tuesday morning I rocked a leg workout, kept my eats clean all day and felt great about it! All I wanted after class on Tuesday was a salad, and did I ever do it right!

How do you handle summer temptations?

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