Friday, January 17, 2014

A Ride with Purpose

I think just about everyone know this by now, but I still haven't made an announcement on here. I've signed up for the 2014 Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer! 

What? It's a 200km bike ride over two days. 
Where? Toronto to Niagara.
When? June 7th and 8th.
Why? To raise money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
How? I hired a trainer to help me by making a custom training program.

Okay, the cat is out of the bag. My cousin Kelly has been working in connection with this ride for a couple years, and although Bran and I have talked about doing it, we've never actually signed up. But this year, after being affected by cancer in my family, and seeing the devastation it has caused in friends' families, I decided that this was the year I needed to do it. While I'm training, I'll also be collecting donations. When you sign up for this ride, you commit to raising a minimum of $2500.00 - not a small amount! It's intimidating, but I have faith in my legs as much as my ability to raise that much money. (To clarify, I DO have faith in my legs). 

As a researcher, I have a strong belief in the power and influence of research and clinical trials. Although I don't have the means to help conduct cancer research at this time, I can at least raise money to help push this research forwards. 

I'm stoked to be doing the ride with my cousin Krista, I'm sure it will be a bonding experience like no other!
Any support is much appreciated, whether it's a donation, or some encouragement to keep moving forward! You can visit my personal page here!

Have you ever done a big race?

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