Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Funday!

I love Sundays. I've said this before, but I really really like them. Today I woke up with a mission: laundry, food prep, homework, groceries, food prep, gym, football. Not only did I get everything done (okay, other than my homework), but I got it done in time to relax to watch the 3:00pm game. (Let's go Broncos!). 
I started off by writing down my meal plan for the week:
I've really noticed how much of a difference this makes in my groceries, and my week. Knowing what I'm going to make in advance makes week nights so much less stressful and frustrating (AKA when I get the "I don't know" after asking Lee what he wants for dinner. If it's decided and made, he's SOL). From there, I made my grocery list and a list for food prep:
The best part? This wasn't even all of it! Today I made:
- Lemon raspberry muffins
- Overnight oats x 5
- Egg white smoothies x 5
- Roasted red pepper hummus (SO GOOD!)
- Peanut sauce for stir fry
- Hard boiled eggs
- Egg salad (for Lee)
- Chopped vegetables for soup and for stir fry
- Spices for soup
- Rice for soup
How easy are dinners going to be this week? 

Did you food prep today?
Why NOT!?

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