Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIAW: A License to Eat

Have you ever been given a license to eat? When you realize you need to eat MORE! Well, I was just given this beautiful gift... or slap in the face. Whatever you want to call it. 
I used to count calories religiously. In an unhealthy way. Over time I got more comfortable with myself, and worked on my relationship with food and stopped. Until Monday. On Monday I decided to do a check-in on what my calorie intake was at, and adjust it as necessary. I started working with a trainer (more to come), and I was given a number that I should be aiming for with my activity level. Not only was I not even CLOSE to that number, but I was eating WAY less than what I thought I was on a normal weekday. Enter panic mode. My weight has been pretty consistent, which only led me to believe that I've been destroying my metabolism. So today's WIAW features food. Way more food. 

Pre/Post Workout: Overnight oats with a bit of fibre cereal and Special K Protein, just because. I doubled my normal portion size. 

 Coffee when I got to work :) (with coffeemate, of course)

First snack = Veggies and Hummus (the regular), and an egg white smoothie (new!).

Lunch = Leftover creamy brown rice pasta.
My afternoon snack stayed the same, it's probably one of my favourite meals of the day. Hard boiled eggs and a muffin!

Lee requested an Asian-style salad for dinner, and I don't want to brag... but I nailed it. The chicken was UNREAL! Recipe below :)
After dinner, although I wasn't hungry, I had a snack since I still didn't hit my suggested calorie intake. I had cottage cheese with a bit of PB2 and an apple that I chopped and heated up with cinnamon.

Crispy Chicken:

....sorry about the lack of measuring here, I wasn't expecting it to turn out so well. 

Cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into thin strips. 

Mix together: egg whites, siracha, basil, pepper and a bit of soy sauce (you want it to cover the chicken when it soaks - it was mostly egg whites). 

Soak chicken in egg white mixture for 20-30 minutes. 

In a shallow dish, add panko bread crumbs, garlic powder and cayenne. 

Coat chicken in panko (this is a bit labour-intensive). 

Put foil on a cookie sheet and cover with cooking spray. Bake chicken at 350 for about ten minutes (longer if needed). 

ENJOY! This is my new favourite.

Do you calorie count?

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