Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello again! I've been slacking, as you can probably tell. Christmas hit, work was done and I barely touched a computer for almost two weeks. Heaven? Yes. First off, here's a bit of a photo-dump from over the holidays. I unfortunately didn't take a ton of pictures, but I got some in!

Christmas Baking!
Our tree with all the presents for everyone!
Seaforth snow!
A blurry Christmas morning.
First Christmas at home together!
My man did GOOD.
Champs to celebrate Amy and Steve's engagement!!
And this happened. The Ninja from my parents for Christmas, and the KitchenAid from Lee for my birthday. Completely spoiled.
My bike is back at home! I kicked off 2014 on the right note with a 20km bike and some green detox tea!
And one last one... I found this in an old album, I've been practicing my push ups and plank from a young age, it seems. 

Normally I have a ton of resolutions, but I struggled this year. Here's what I came up with for my goals:

1. Take my vitamins! 
2. Stretch more!
3. Do more random acts of kindness. 
4. Walk/run/bike the distance from home to Mexico. Yes, that's a goal. My family watches Modern Family and decided that if we do it (3000km) before 2015, we're going back to Mexico!!

I have one more BIG goal for 2014, but I'm not ready to announce it on here quite yet. Granted, I'm sure the majority of the people reading this already know what it is. 
Hopefully I think of a few more goals in the next few weeks, but there's my starting point. 

What was your favourite Christmas present?
Did you make any goals?

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