Tuesday, September 17, 2013

See Ya Cardio!

Yes. That's correct. My new plan for the fall involves ZERO cardio. When I started this blog I wasn't exactly the cardio nut that I used to be, but it is still like a security blanket to me. Starting today it was cut though, other than a grand total of a 2.5 minute warm up and 2.5 minute cool down walk. No sprints. No running. No biking. No stairs. Nothing. Just writing this my skin is crawling, but I'm considering it an experiment to see what happens to my body and my strength. 

I created 5 workouts to follow with the split:

Tuesday: Legs/Abs
Wednesday: Back/Bis
Thursday: Shoulders/Abs
Friday: Chest/Tris
Saturday: Legs/Abs 

The general setup is 5 circuits, two exercises each (ie. one back, one bi) for 12 reps each time. I haven't decided if I'm going to do 3 or 4 sets of each - it will depend on time. Today I did 4 sets of legs/abs, except for one circuit I did 3 (damn split squats). I had a great burn, but I think I can give some of the credit to the fact that it was a leg workout. I'm hoping to be around 400 for my other days.

Not bad for no cardio!

Have you ever given up cardio?
Would it be helpful for me to post my workouts?

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