Thursday, July 4, 2013

Confession Time

Confession time. For real. I think I need to be accountable here and not hide behind what I’m doing wrong, as much as I’d like to keep this to myself.
I’m halfway through week 3 of Body Earned right now. This is what happened this week:

Tuesday: Judging by the mirror, I felt pretty good after having a weekend that I strayed too far away from my idea of clean.
Wednesday: Stepped on the scale. 150.8. Instant meltdown and a lot of negative self-talk. Some confusion. Followed up with a day of clean eats and a good workout.
Thursday: Stepped on the scale, hoping for a fluke. 151.0. Cue panic. 

I’ll admit. I haven’t been as clean as I’d like to think the last 3 weeks. Summer is HARD. I’ve been away at two different cottages since starting the program. As much as I enjoy a cheat meal here or there, cheat weekends are not okay. I think I’ve had a mask over my eyes thinking I’m more on track than I am. Regardless, I don’t think that a 5 pound gain is realistic based on my last three weeks.
Everyone needs a push sometimes, or a slap in the face. Whatever works. So I reached out – to Amy and Colleen, and the to the fitness group with Body Earned. After some awesome advice all around, here’s what I’ve learned and what my plan is:
  • DITCH THE SCALE. I need to trust the process. I’m lifting heavy weights, and my body isn’t used to this kind of training. No more weigh-ins until after week 6.  It's also perfectly possible that I will gain weight, but look better by the end of this program. Trust the mirror too!
  •  Clean up weekends! Enough said.
  •  Start tracking my food again for a bit. Make sure I’m eating what I actually think I have been. I generally aim for about 2000 calories a day. I need to stick to this.
  •  Make small adjustments – use sweet potatoes instead of a grain in my eggs, and really watch carb intake at night.
I’m hoping that this small reality-check will get me back on track. Being realistic, it’s summer. I’m not expecting to see huge leaps and bounds of progress when I’m away every weekend, but it doesn’t give me an all-access pass to eat garbage. 

If this is what I looked like before Body Earned, I have NO excuses not to look better in three weeks.

What helps push you when you’re struggling and need to get back on track?

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