Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just be YOUR Best

I had a moment today when I realized that people (women in particular), probably never grow out of comparing themselves to others. I struggled with self-image for a long time, and I sometimes still do. I'll see other women at the gym and be envious of their arms or their petite figure - whatever it may be. Sometimes it's in a different way - someone will run by me, or I'll see them lifting heavier than I can and get frustrated with myself. But here's the thing... 



End of story. People are born a certain way. With certain body types, certain muscle cells, and to an extent (I believe), a certain inclination to workout (or not) in one way or another. It takes some time, but when you get there, it is an amazing ability to be able to use these people as motivation instead of deflation
I have my own way of doing things - and even that goes through phases. I'm a runner, a cyclist, a triathlete, and lately all I want to do is move heavy weights fast and often. One of my favourite triathlon quotes is :

Why be great at one sport when you can be mediocre at three?

This is applicable not only to my triathlons, but to everything. I love the fact that one day I can do an insane lifting workout, and the next day run 10k like it's nothing. I may not lift the heaviest weights, or run the fastest, but it's what I DO. Who knows how the person lifting heavier than you would fair in a run, or how the runner would fair in a weight room? Even if they rock at both, use it to push yourself further. I truly believe that you are your only competition. 

I compete against myself. EVERY. DAY. I push my limits, and I fight against the voice in my head telling to give up. Today, I won. I had my highest burn yet, and it was an amazing feeling of accomplishment.
Don't compete against the person at the gym. Compete against who you were yesterday. And LOVE every minute of everything you're doing. Except burpees. No one likes burpees. 


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