Monday, June 17, 2013

Body Earned W1D1 and PROOF

 I'm in love.
I started James Wilson's Body Earned 12-week program today. I was so excited that I practically jumped out of bed at 4:30am today to head to the gym, and I wasn't disappointed. After the first circuit I wondered why I gave up triathlons for the season. By the end of the weight-lifting circuit portion there was sweat dripping down my face. After 15 x 30 second sprints, I couldn't stop smiling. I felt AMAZING


I'm doing this program as a way to keep my workouts consistent throughout the summer, and hopefully stay on track with my eating over the months filled with BBQs, camping and drinks on the dock. My goals are to stay on track with my eats, and work on some muscle definition, which is currently lacking!

My clean eating "diet" started in full swing about 12 weeks ago, at the beginning of which I took pictures. I took more progress pictures on Friday after 12 weeks of clean eating (although my workouts were VERY inconsistent). I'm using these pictures as my before shots for this program. In a moment of either bravery or insanity, I've decided to share them. Hopefully sharing these are motivation for myself, as well as anyone reading! I highly recommend taking progress pictures! Maybe not to share them, but they help you to see progress that the scale can't show you. Here's hoping that my shots 12 weeks down the road will be more PROOF of the power of clean eating and dirty workouts.

I'm going to spend some time posting some of my favourite recipes tonight and tomorrow - time to get my clean eats tab started!

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  1. So proud of you Alisha! So glad you found a great workout program you enjoy, and can't wait to try some of your recipes. You're absolutely incredible, gorgeous girl.