Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let the Balancing Act Begin..

My name is Alisha. My life is about to get crazy. For some reason, this provoked me to write a blog.
In the last couple months I've been finding my rhythm - In February 2013, I moved back to my hometown (city?) of Kitchener, from Hamilton, where I was much closer to my current job as a Research Associate in Burlington. Back in Kitchener, I've been living with my boyfriend. With moving, I suddenly didn't have everyday to myself to eat what I wanted and workout when I wanted. I needed to learn to balance what I wanted, with what Lee wanted, with spending time together, having time for myself, and my commute. Although I've settled into a schedule and a routine, it isn't going to last for long. 
I officially accepted my offer of admission to McMaster University for a Master's degree beginning on July 2nd (yikes!). 
This is my story of how I'm going to balance full-time work, part-time school, fitness, cleaning eating and the rest of my life.

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