Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Morning Workout Motivation

I'm going to start sounding like a broken record with this, but I love morning workouts!   

I don't know why I didn't start this sooner. I have the most amount of energy in the morning, and starting my day off with a workout has so far made me a much happier person during the rest of the day. I can't even count how many times I think and smile to myself "my workout is already done - I can drive right home after work!" As much as I love working out, it was always hard to drag myself to the gym after work. There was always that option of driving right home, or finding an excuse to skip the gym. When I'm awake so early in the morning now, where else am I going to go but the gym?

Getting up at 4:30am (yes, 4:30AM), isn't always the easiest, but it is absolutely worth it. One of my biggest tricks for getting up is Lee. He doesn't let me snooze more than once, and if I tell him to the night before he's always willing to push me (quite literally) out of bed when my alarm goes off. Although annoying, it's amazingly helpful.  

The only way I'm able to do this though, is by going to bed early. If I was up until 11pm every night, 4:30am just would not happen. Keep in mind too that I drive 45 minutes to my gym so that I'm 5 minutes from my office when I'm done! I'm sitting at my desk by 7:30am everyday.

If you're looking to give morning workouts a try - do it! Tomorrow! And then let me know how it goes! :) 

What helps you wake up for workouts?

I'm going to add some recipes tonight... get ready for a rampage of new posts!

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