Saturday, June 15, 2013

Guelph One

Today is already a weird day. Mostly because right now, it's 7:45am, and I'm not yet in the water, or even at the event park! For TTF last summer I was up at 4am so that I could eat a good breakfast 3 hours before the start. I decided to start my blog early today to carry through the day.
I'm also shocked at how calm I am. Normally I've a nutcase for at least two days leading up to an event just out of nerves. I think because I haven't trained, I'm literally not expecting anything great to happen today. Anyway, right now I'm enjoying some delicious protein pancakes! I'll post the recipe for the amazing topping soon!

Once we got to my parents to collect the rest of the troops, Lee saw it fitting to pack some beers for our loyal fans.

Event Chaos
Pre-swim. I struggled with the swim - I could really tell that I hadn't trained at all. I had a hard time getting into a rhythm with my breathing, plus I got punched in the nose and the head. I never seem to have luck at Guelph Lake.
Start of the bike - still trying to catch my breath from the swim. The bike went well though, despite the wind and the hills.
This was the BEST part of the race. Bran and I weren't that far apart for the race (I let him stay a couple minutes ahead of me), but when I got to the end of the run, Bran was waiting for me to finish together. It rocked.
Can you tell how happy I am to be DONE?
Post-race. I have a confession. I did have a goal going into this. I had 1:45 in my head leading up to it - I wanted to finish in less time than that, but I wasn't hopeful. I finished in 1:31. I definitely sold myself short with my goal, but I'm very pleased with my time!
Sommersby to celebrate :)
And Lee cleaning!! I think he could tell how absolutely exhausted I was. He did the dishes, dusted, tidied and vacuumed. 

Post-event tradition is some kind of epic dinner. I didn't even feel guilty about this. As much as I'm going to talk about clean eating in this blog, if you need a cheat meal, go RUN to the Works in Uptown Waterloo. Best thing I've ever eaten. 

It was a great day, and I'm glad I did the tri. On Monday, James Wilsons' program Body Earned starts, can't wait!

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