Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clean Inspiration

I have to admit, it wasn't purely my anticipation and anxiousness regarding what my life is going to look like once I throw school into my already busy schedule that made me start a blog. A couple months ago my best friend and I adopted a much cleaner lifestyle (more to come on that), and it led me to a number of blogs that I read (stalk) on a daily basis.  Little b is my absolute favourite. I cannot get enough of her story, her lifestyle and her dedication. She is a  phenomenal role model for anyone looking to eat clean.
After spending so much time reading other people's stories about their journey to pursue a healthier lifestyle, I started to realize that it made me want to share my story. I wanted the women whose blogs I read to know about me. Not that any of them will read this, but maybe someone will?
My VP also nudged me towards this, surprisingly enough. At least twice a week I walk into her office raving about the newest recipe I tried, and finally one day she told me to start a blog. Well, first she suggested a restaurant, but this is a little bit easier. 

Maybe this will keep me grounded and more dedicated to the lifestyle I love. Or maybe it will just keep me sane. 

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