Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keys to Success

Tuesday was a good day, here's why:
  • I made it to work on time for my 6:30am call, and got to leave early since I started at 6am.
  • My email was pretty quiet all day and I managed to actually get work done
  • My VP told me that she's doing a duathlon - you have NO idea how happy this makes me :) 
  • I saw my dad unexpectedly for the first time in a while when I went to grab my bike from my parent's house, AND I found my favourite granola bars in the fridge :) I'll post this recipe eventually. 
  • I went for my last ride before my triathlon on Saturday (AHHHHH), even with the wind I made good time
    • Side note: Cycling absolutely torches calories. My burn was over 500 for a 45 minute ride
  • I had an impromptu dinner day with my best friend (okay, the main purpose of this was to watch the bachelorette)
  • Lee made my eggs for today AND cleaned the coffeemaker. Keeper. 
Anyway.  I'm still working on my idea of clean eating. This is harder than I thought it would be, so instead, I thought I would share a story of how I got to this point in my life. I didn't wake up one day and just decide to passionate about health, fitness and clean eating (my idea of it, at least).

Let's start with my family. I have my mom to thank for raising us with a healthy diet, and teaching me to LOVE cooking. My dad, I can thank for turning me into a runner, or showing my that I am a runner. Once he started running, he asked me to join him once morning, and it was love. Okay, not at first. At first it was death. But then love. And my brother Bran, of course - who decided for me that I was going to start doing triathlons.
Hanging out in the kitchen, as usual.
Our first 10k run together!
Shortly before our first mini triathlon. Terrified!
 My friend Colleen and I got started on track to get back and shape and drop some university weight about halfway through fourth year. I wouldn't have made it anywhere without her. She was, and still is my rock. When I want chocolate, she tells me no (unless for some reason I really need it, then it's allowed). She tells me to workout when I don't feel like it (and I listen!). And she always listens when I'm struggling and frustrated with progress (or lack thereof).

Then, of course, my best friend Amy. We decided a few months ago to really try and tackle clean eating. We've been doing great so far, and it makes a huge difference having someone to work on clean eating with. It takes time to get used to, and a LOT of work, but it's 100% worth it. I owe it to Ames for that final push to start eating cleaner instead of just eating healthy.
And Lee. Lee supports me in whatever decisions I make. He's been known to get up at 4:30am with me on event days to come out and watch, and wait for me at the finish line. He cleans the kitchen when I've turned it into a disaster after food prep day. And whenever he takes a bite of something I can't eat (or choose not to eat), he never fails to tell me it's disgusting and I'd hate it. 
After the very first Toronto Triathlon Festival. First Olympic distance tri!

I always like looking back at how I got to where I am, I think it pushes me to keep moving forward. It took some amazing people to get me here, and I'm SO thankful for all of them. Who do you have motivating and supporting you?

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