Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Food Prep!

One of my biggest tips for staying on track with clean eating is food prep, and having some sort of meal plan. Today I spent a couple hours doing some prep, which I generally do every Sunday. This helps my week run a lot smoother, especially when I'm making all of my lunches in one go. Otherwise, I spent the rest of my day working as much as I could. Monday deadlines are the worst!!

Here is what I made today:
1. Smoothies for Monday and Tuesday - I like to make them two at a time.
2. Frozen bananas - this takes about 30 seconds, so it doesn't really count as food prep. But I love throwing these in smoothies!
3. Veggies and Quinoa to scramble with egg whites.
4. Chopped celery.
5. Millet - this is a new grain for me, there was some leftover from the 5 lunches I added it to. 
6. Turkey Meatloaf Muffins - turned out amazing! Also a couple left over from my lunches.
7. Egg white scramble - I also make these two at a time.
8. Lunches are a 1/2 cup of millet, two turkey meatloaf muffins and roasted green beans. 
9. Hard boiled eggs. 
10. A double batch of blueberry protein muffins. I ate these all last week and loved them so much that I wanted to make extra to let others try (instead of hiding them and eating them myself!). 

Depending on what I'm going to be eating throughout the week, my food prep will always look different. My staples are some kind of baked bread or muffin, eggs, and veggies for eggs. This took a bit of time, but it was 100% worth it.

Today was also Father's Day as well as my little brother's 21st birthday - so I have to send some love to them!
The best dad - from Mexico 2012

Bran and I - possibly on his 20th birthday?

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